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Wilhelm Lauche senior and junior

senior 1827 - 1883

junior 1859 -1950

Apples. Orchids and Gardening






Apples. Orchids and Gardening

Wilhelm Lauche I (senior) 1827 - 1883

In fact, there are many persons of the family Lauche who were gardeners. Two of them had the same first name Wilhelm. The elder one Wilhelm Lauche 1827 – 1883 is the publisher of the ‘Deutsche Pomologie’ in the year 1882 - 83 at Parey in Berlin with beautiful illustrations.

Wilhem Lauche II (junior) - 1859 - 1950

The younger one Wilhelm Lauche junior (1859 - 1950) later became known as Hofrat Lauche, was his brother’s son and most of his time he was working at the Gardens of the Earl of Liechtenstein Johann II at the Castle of Lednice or in German was called Eisgrub. Details about this period and more pictures later. Just so far: the Earl Johann II, with his famous collection of art was also a big friend of plants especially orchids (see link of the list of the Earl's s collection at the left side). The effect for Wilhelm Lauche II who was the Earl's Courtgardener at that time was that he often had to travel to London and Paris to study the gardens and parks there and to buy or to present some more examples for or of the collection.
The Liechtenstein Rulers were also open to new ideas before. And also this they expressed in Gardening i.e. by froming an English garden with the size of ca. 210 hectares up to the austrian border.

Earl Johann II of Liechtenstein was trying to develop the country and could be interested by Lauche and other scientists to build up an institute of experimenting planting and growth after the genetic rules, discovered by Gregor Mendel 1822 – 1884 and therefore called ‘Mendel’s laws’. In addition to that after the idea of Wilhelm Lauche jun. a school should be founded to teach the use of the new knowledge also to the Czech population and to get more agricultural output out of the surrounding fields. Aside the school, a factory was built for the conservation of vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes which is still running. Most of it was sent to the very close Vienna. Wilhelm Lauche jun. had some of his basic knowledge also from the first years at his uncle Wilhelm sen., author of the pomology. But also his father Rudolf was making some notes of his knowledge. His handwritten and partly illustrated book for teaching gardening (Gartenbau - Leitfaden für Lehrerkurse, 1899) is also linked at the left side.



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